AAR – Somewhere in Russia 1812

We had a great day of gaming in Waco on May 27 using Napoleon at War. Hope you enjoy this little after action report (AAR) and eye candy.




The previous weekend I was introduced to a newer version of DBA-RRR via a QRS. I have to say it improves the game a lot, with updated movement (called Movement Units which is basically base widths) and faster movement. This really works well for 25/28mm.

You can find the updated QRS here: DBA-RRR Rules and Army Lists

BTW I did not write these. These were found on the web.

AAR 30 Years War Demo

On Saturday, Feb 17, I ran some demo games of the 30 Years War using DBA-RRR 1.21 rules in conjunction with the Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) historical game day at Multiverse Games in San Antonio . Though planned to run two 2-man teams, the demo ended up being the first twos games of 1v1 and the last game of 2v2 with late arrivals coming in on both sides.

First game was against our esteemed Lone Star Historical Miniatures captain, Charlie Torok. Charlie played the wily Bavarian led Catholic League (with an artillery piece) versus the French TYW.

French looking hesitantly at distant Bavarian artillery

It was not a pretty sight with the Bavarians gunning down 3 elements before the French could cross the river enforce. The final blow brought down the French 0-5 as their general (attached to pistols) engage the Bavarian knights (with general attached). Quick killed general.

Game 2 featured the Low-Country Spanish (run by James Amecucci) versus Dutch Rebellion.

James looking smug as he patiently awaits the Dutch.

James really likes the Low-Country Spanish (and is a TYW aficionado). In a close run battle, James’ Spanish decided to wait for the Dutch to close. As the Dutch finally came to grips with the end of the Spanish right wing, the Spanish General led his knights into the Dutch general led pistols (uh oh) … and yep. Quick killed the Dutch general (will I EVER learn to quit doing that!).

Game 3 I has started a demo with one gentleman (sorry I did not get your name), running the Bavarians when Ernie Calvillo showed up and wanted to play to (he ran the Dutch). I talked James into returning for a reenactment with the Low-Country Spanish. I took the forlorn French again.

My blurred hand moving forth to put my general in danger.

Well, it is said those who can’t play, referee. So it should have been with me, as the Bavarians came in with their artillery, blowing the French out of the saddle. In a last ditch attempt, the French general charged across the river into … hmm … what would he charge? Oh yeah – frakkin’ knights! Ugh. Apologizes to Mike as the French routed off to the board to the winebar.

Great fun had by all. A great shop, and great owner at Multiverse Games, in San Antonio, Texas. You should go by and game there!

Other pictures from our game play:

Low-Country Spanish (Warlord Games) foreground, Bavarian Catholic League at the top.
TYW French with the brave, if foolish, French general leading his pistols.
Dutch Rebellion facing toward their implacable foes, the Low-Country Spanish.
Bavarians encroach up to the river to keep the French at bay.

Games Dates!!!!!

Greetings all,
Well, there are 2 gaming dates for upcoming games in the Texas area I will be running/supporting.

The first is at the Historical Game Day at Multiverse Games Feb 17 in San Antonio, TX.  I will be running DBA-RRR with 28mm armies (Dutch/French vs Low-Country Spanish/Bavarian Catholic League). Starting at noon, all figures, terrain, QRS provided. Just come by and play.

The second date is the Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) hosted game day at The Game Closet, Feb 25th. For this one, we will be running Napoleon at War (v1.0) with 15mm figures. If you have armies already based for this, come join us. If not, or don’t know the rules, come on by and run a brigade. We will be starting at Noon.

In addition, LSHM has arranged for a monthly LSHM sponsored game day on the last Sunday of every month at The Game Closet. Look for posts on the LSHM Facebook page for the monthly “main game”. But you can bring others to play. There is LOADS of room.
Advert for the second event is noted below (and is also posted in the store).


Where the heck have I been?

Well gamers, it has been awhile. While I was on a long painting spree (and that is not ended – just changed projects) Millennium Con 20 went off well in Round Rock, TX with a good turnout for the DBA-RRR project. I just got the last of my 30 Years War minis done in time for the convention.

Since then … well I went a bit to the dark side.


Yep! Some sci-fi gaming. But not WH40k. Grimdark Future! from One Page Rules group. Easy to learn – hard to master. Rules are only 1 page front and back. All army lists are just 1 page front and back. And FREE!!!!!!

Also you don’t spend an hour waiting for your turn to do something. Everything is you activate a unit, other player activates a unit.

So … does that mean Alan has left the historical gaming? No on your life. In fact, it’s growing.

Beside getting my Grimdark Human Defense Force (think Imperial Guard) up and running, I’ve returned to another old love – Napoleonics.

My previous experiences with Napoleonics was at army/corps level using Empire II, Empire III and Napoleon’s Battles. But I’m finding some new options with Napoleon at War which plays at division level.

This has whetted my taste for the Russian hordes to again descend to push back Napoleon from the Motherland in 15mm. So those are now entering the painting queue. There will be a game day at The Game Closet Feb 25th using these rules. Hope you can make it out.

Have you given up on ECW then?

NOPE! The lads are all raring to go soon for another interesting scenario (information is still being discussed by the war councils for King Charles and Parliament).

More on that later.

Just sayin’ HE’s Back!