Painting to a Goal

Currently I’m painting armies for Victory Without Quarter (like that’s a surprise!). The goal being able to field both sides in an engagement so I can run games at local shops or events. For the VWQ rules set, they encourage you build toward actual army/battalia’s organization, which I intend to do.

There will eventually be up to 5 armies in this collection (Early Parliamentarian, Royalist, Scot Covenanter, Montrose Irish, and Irish Confederate.) But one of the things that stymied my projects in the past was doing the army I like the most first. Then, though loss of interest, never finishing the others.

So this time, I’m going to do the armies I like least first. In this case, Early Parliamentarian. For those wondering, I will be building this one based on Sgt-Maj General James Chudleigh’s army at Beacon Hill.

Well – pictures will be provided on the status of this army later. But suffice to say at this point, most of this army is now primed and on a painting stick (I use roofing nails as a painting stick – try it! It works great).



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