Where I Stand on Bases

Ha ha … you say – (bad puns are not dead – just in critical condition! LOL).

Speaking of bases today because, well, sometimes I’m an idiot. I ordered some magnetic bases from a reputable company (Litko). I thought this would include the wooden top of the base with the magnetic base all cut to proper size. Umm … no my mistake. It was just the magnet sheet material cut to be stuck onto the bottom of wooden bases (not included, but available separate). Moral – READ THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS, Alan! (Wooden bases now ordered).

I played some “Hail Ceasar” with the LSHM guys at the Muster in San Antonio over the weekend. We got talking about different rules sets and basing miniatures for games. The general consensus among most players was that if it was “close”, and number of figures really didn’t matter, then using different basing sizes was a non-issue. At least for non-tournament games. If doing a tournament game, basing per the “official” rules set was a must (due to dramatist personnel aka rules lawyers screaming no fair).

One of the joys of using Victory Without Quarter (VWQ) for ECW is it really doesn’t matter about base sizes, as long as most of the figures match up fairly well. The basing my own VWQ armies, using the author’s suggested figures per base, creates typical infantry regiments of 18 figures – 5  musketeers to each side of an 8 man pike stand in a 5/8/5 formation. Looks good, and uses less figures than some games (so more units I can field – YAY!).
Game on comrades, and don’t be a dick!




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