Painting Update!

The Parliamentarian army at Beacon Hill, under Sgt-Major General James Chudleigh (notorious firebrand … he he he), are 95% completed for painting. Still awaiting their base stands so they can be mounted.

In the meantime, I’ve scored a HUGE cache of lead from a fellow LSHM member (thanks Thomas) to flesh out future armies. So what’s in store?

Well next up will be the Royalist army at Beacon Hill, under the daring command of Sir Ralph Hopton. Using most of Bob Giglio’s army list from his excellent scenario books, (click on that link to find his books) I will be painting about 5 regiments of foote, 4 troop of horse, and a troop of dragoons.

After that – will do up an Irish Confederate army. Looking more towards Thomas Preston’s Leinster army  rather than O’Neil’s. O’Neil’s is colorful, but Preston survived the war!

Don’t forget game date August 20, at The Game Closet in Waco. See ya soon!



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