The Bane of Miniature Gamers – missing opponents

One of the great issues almost all miniature gamers face is having an opponent to play against. Not really an issue at gaming conventions (aka Millenium Con 19, an overhanded plug for it!). But what about those time you’re free, but friends are all busy?

While very popular in Europe, there are some who don’t really like “card pull” games, where you have to draw a card/chit/dice to see if your troops move. The “issue” being you might not move your troops this turn, or for a couple of turns, depending on how your particular rules set handles that.

This method of movement selection can be a great boon to solo play though.

These types of rules are becoming more popular entry into the U.S. miniature gaming market with games like Bolt Action group here in Texas.

For English Civil War (ECW) – it is another reason I like Victory Without Quarter.  Since you make the cards/chits/whatever for movement, you can add in some interesting items. So that while you make your “plans” – they almost never survive contact with the enemy (or the deck in this case).

This method of action selection gives you a chance to put your stuff on the table, try out tactics, maneuvers, etc. without have a major gaffe that your non-present opponent can ridicule you about the rest of the Con (been there, had that done to me). And if you’re available, your opponent is available.

Also – this gives another great reason to always buy/paint opposing armies! (See your local game store for more purchases!! $$).

If your rules set does not have that card pull mechanic in it- give something like this a try. You might find your best opponent is yourself.



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