Updated VWQ QRS

Greetings all,
Well after our first tour out with the rules, and a re-read (or two, or three) I put together a new Quick Reference Sheet (QRS). Then with the help of my missus, I was able to get it into a PDF format you can read/download.

Then, thanks to Lex, I have updated the QRS again to version 3.2. You can find it on the VWQ Links page .

Let me know how it works for you and if you see any glaring errors.




One thought on “Updated VWQ QRS”

  1. Dear fellow wargamer,

    Excellent job,the qrs. Will use it with pleasure. Nice layout with a lot of information!

    Allow me although two remarks, after first reading:
    -moral check after melee: taken a casualty is not a reason for testing after melee (it is as a shooting result);
    -it could be useful to add all the combat results (there is still some place at the end of your page 2).
    So push back 2″ for the loser; moral test for the loser: if route then at once: 2d6″ foot, 3d6″ cavalry. Winner must pursue (can do a moral test not to do so) at once: same number of dice as for routers. If roll is higher than route roll: fleeing troops destroyed.

    Hoping to read more interesting information on your site.


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