Updated VWQ QRS

Greetings all,
Well after our first tour out with the rules, and a re-read (or two, or three) I put together a new Quick Reference Sheet (QRS). Then with the help of my missus, I was able to get it into a PDF format you can read/download.

Then, thanks to Lex, I have updated the QRS again to version 3.2. You can find it on the VWQ Links page .

Let me know how it works for you and if you see any glaring errors.




1 thought on “Updated VWQ QRS”

  1. Dear fellow wargamer,

    Excellent job,the qrs. Will use it with pleasure. Nice layout with a lot of information!

    Allow me although two remarks, after first reading:
    -moral check after melee: taken a casualty is not a reason for testing after melee (it is as a shooting result);
    -it could be useful to add all the combat results (there is still some place at the end of your page 2).
    So push back 2″ for the loser; moral test for the loser: if route then at once: 2d6″ foot, 3d6″ cavalry. Winner must pursue (can do a moral test not to do so) at once: same number of dice as for routers. If roll is higher than route roll: fleeing troops destroyed.

    Hoping to read more interesting information on your site.



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