VWQ Quick Reference Sheet updates

Well now on to version 3.5 of the Quick Reference Sheet.  Additional input from readers helping us get this in better shape for you and us!

You can find this all on the VWQ Links page.


8 thoughts on “VWQ Quick Reference Sheet updates”

  1. Dear friend,

    Thanks for the useful update.

    I may also propose following adaptations:

    A. column: melee mods – to hit: replace pike stand and 1d6 per side engaged by: Officer attached +1

    B. column: shooting mods to hit: change Hard cover “-2” add: Open order -1

    C. under column other *: what is the reference to artillery: pike stand-1d6 any direction?

    D. in the column move mods i would put: Rout/pursue foot Rout/pursue mntd


    why is the column save vs shooting placed before save vs melee and in the same color?

    Your report about last game was very interesting with illustrating photos. I liked it very much.

    We played last Sunday a Napoleonic game (7 players): had a lot of fun.

    Greetings and happy gaming,


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    1. Lex,
      Thanks for the thorough reading of the QRS! I will definitely be updating it again in the next day or so.
      Thanks for the the kind comments. I am glad you had fun with your Napoleonic game! It sounds like a lot of fun.

      Yours in Service,

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    2. Also in the saving column, I put saves versus shooting first as it happens first. I will relook at the organization of the whole thing and perhaps redo it for a better flow of information.

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  2. Concerning MELEE: how do you treat the formation “pike stand” vs a line pike/shot formation?
    How many dice for the “pike stand”? any deduction?
    For the line pike/shot formation i would say (one contact and two overlaps) : 6 dice, scoring a hit on a 4+ (in the qrs hit on a 5??).
    I would think that for the “pike stand” a modifier of -1 could be used; so 6 dice, hit on a 5+.
    Both formations can of course use saving throws (4+) if steady.
    Any thoughts? thanks

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    1. This is a great question. Though a pike/shot unit can only charge foot that are shaken, in open order, or defending an obstacle.

      But IF it did – with both units being trained, supported, and no other modifiers the numbers / factors would be:
      Pike Stand: 2d6 (hit on 5+), save on 5+
      Pike/Shot Line: 6d6 (hit on a 5+), save 5+.

      (The QRS has a mistake showing 1d6 only in pike stand melee. I will fix that. )

      Assuming the pike stand lost the battle, they would be pushed back 2 inches. If the pike stand made their morale check they would still be just 2d6 vs 6d6 of the following up pike/shot line unit.

      If the pike stand was shaken – it would get 1d6 dice to fight with.

      Pike stands are GREAT vs horse, but really are bad vs foot.

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      1. Thanks, but isn’t there a problem.

        If a “pike stand” formation has only 2 dice for melee how can it give any casualty to the line?
        Indeed 3 hits are necessary to obtain a casualty. So a minimum of 3 dice seems indicated.

        By the way a “pike stand” formation, shooting deducts only 1 die on each firing stand. So 4 dice instead of 6 dice (line).

        Looking forward to your next battle reports. Thanks for putting them on internet.


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      2. Hi again Lex,
        I think I answered this question in my last reply a few mins ago (getting things jumbled in my head! )
        Anyway, in melee, you do not have to cause a casualty to win a melee, just have more unsaved hits than the other side.


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    2. Sorry for the long delay in answering, Lex.

      The Pike stand vs a pike/shot formation works out like this:
      Pike stand fights with one stand (2d6) vs three stands (6d6) of a pike/shot line unit.

      Considering all units were just trained:
      Pike stand (2d6): To hit 5+
      Pike/Shot (6d6): To hit 5+
      Both sides would receive a 4+ save if they are steady pike.
      Remember you do NOT have to cause a casualty to win a melee – you only have to have achieve more unsaved hits.

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