New LSHM Pike and Shotte Group Forming

For those who don’t know, I am a member of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group, a Texas based club supporting historical miniature gaming. While they also play sci-fi and fantasy games, the main goal is to encourage historical gaming. These are a great bunch of guys and gals who game to have fun.

Among the LHSM members, there has been a growing interest in the Pike and Shotte era (which I’m all for – duh!), especially with the release of the new Warlord Games miniatures for the era for the eastern area of conflict during the 30 Years War.  After some discussions on email, there has been a decision by the interested members to form a sub-group of LHSM members  interested Pike and Shotte era gamers (similar to the Bolt Action group).

So for those attending Millennium Con 19, there will be a gathering sometime during it to discuss suggested rules, etc, so folks can start gathering their armies for next season’s campaigns. Will advise on the time/place when that info becomes available.


5 thoughts on “New LSHM Pike and Shotte Group Forming”

    1. Peter, apparently the “fizz” for Pike and Shotte has left the majority of players at the moment. But trusting that interest will increase again soon (you know how us gamers are). Will post if we get any further along on our conversation.

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