30YW Project!

I know I have not written a new blog post in awhile. But that is because I’ve been busy working with my cohort-in-crime Steve Miller on a new Thirty Years War (30YW) project for DBA-RRR in 25/28mm.

The goal is to provide 8 fully painted 30YW matched armies for a demo then 3 round fun tournament at Millienium Con 20.

For those who don’t know, DBA-RRR is an add-on set of rules combining DBA and DBR that was written by Tony Aquilar in coordination with the Florida DBA Gamers.  You WILL need a copy of DBA (2.1) for this. However the additional rules and revised for DBA-RRR army lists are provided out on the web. For ease of your search, I will include them on my 30YW page.

For more information on the rules, etc., follow this link: Alan’s 30YW .

Bavarian Catholic League forms up for battle.

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