I am an “old” gamer, dating back to the 70s (yes, they had gaming then, too).  Starting back with 1st Edition AD&D, Avalon Hill games, etc. I unfortunately one day wandered into the miniatures hall at Origins ’84. The dioramas of all these miniature armies arrayed on beautiful terrain sunk in deep. Though I have stopped and started miniature gaming often over the years, I keep coming back for the beauty and camaraderie.

I have served as the NASAMW Virginia Coordinator (quite a while ago), published local gaming newsletters, and have run tournaments at Historicon, Cold Wars, and Nashcon.
However I’m now more into leisurely gaming (rather than the tournament push) so I can enjoy the camaraderie, a good whiskey, and some fun gaming.

Miniature games systems I have played include:

  • Empire II and III (Napoleonic)
  • Napoleon’s Battles (Napoleonic – duh!)
  • Wargames Research Group 7th Edition (Ancients WRG 7th)
  • De Bellis A/M/R/RR (Ancients and Medieval)
  • Warhammer 40k (Space Marines)
  • Warhammer40K  Epic (LOVE this)
  • My Galley Sally (Ancient sailing)
  • Victory Without Quarter (ECW)

Other gaming I’m currently involved in:

Board Gaming

  • Avalon Hill classics (Tactics II, PanzerBlitz, Midway, Gettysburg, Third Reich, Wizard’s Quest, Titan Legion, etc…)
  • Talisman (got a spare 8 hours?)
  • Munchkin (most flavors)
  • Magic the Gathering (older stuff – and just for fun. I like blue, so pfffttttt!!!! LOL).
  • Easy Star (old free game from the internet. Contact me as I saved all the old pages from it).