Battles and Questions!

Over the weekend I ran a couple of demo games of Victory Without Quarter (VWQ) at my local favorite game shop, The Game Closet (shameless plug – I really like these guys!). We ran my last fine tuning for the Battle of Beacon Hill scenario for the upcoming MillenniumCon 19 convention in a few weeks. (please forgive some of the terrain like the road lifting up. This was a last minute throw down due to other issues beyond my control).

We also had a go at a “pick-up style” game using the same units/battlefield, but without reinforcements.

Parliament advances toward Royalist defending Beacon Hill.

We had some REALLY interesting events that didn’t come off (clubmen kept wanting to appear on the battlefield, but since I had none, it was just the local drinking guild come to watch the proceedings), and the damn barkeep served bad meat to my units, causing one to disperse into the woods with the runs!

The more we play these rules, the more interesting the nuances become. We had Parliamentarian trotters kick Royalist gallopers in the arse, as Parliamentarians not only withstood a charged received at the halt, they pushed back the Royalist horse twice! This eventually lead to the Royalist horse being routed thorough other Royalist reinforcement infantry, causing the entire right wing of the Royalist to be shaken.

In desperation, Royalist right wing forms pike stands!

Unfortunately Cromwell was not with the Parliamentarian trotters who chased the fleeing royalist cav off the field.

On the Royalist left, the Stowell&Stowell regiment of horse had one of their squadrons blown away by accurate fire from the Parliamentarians. However the second squadron charged home into a shaken Bampfield Regiment (they failed to form pike stand).

Royalist Stowell & Stowell regiment about to rout Bampfield’s Trained Bande

Though the second horse squadron routed Bampfield, the gallopers were also shot into oblivion by Parliament reinforcements arriving

However time for the event (I was timing this) arrived with both forces achieving a minor victory for a draw.

Thanks to Vincent Oradesky for driving up to run the Parliamentarians. And to the 2 other young gents (I am so bad with names) who joined us halfway through the first battle and for all the second.

Our second battle (sorry no pictures) was a set piece battle with the same forces on each side. Victory conditions were the first side to rout/disperse 4 units of the other won.

Sad to say, the Royalist had their butt kicked with Parliament destroying 4 regiments (2 horse, 1 dragoon, 1 commanded shot) to the Royalist 1 (trotters).

We did have some interesting questions come up concerning multiple units in combat in the second game. I have made inquiries on the Victory Without Quarter forums to see how our solutions worked and if there were any better solutions.

Additional pictures of the game played.

Your mayhem may vary!