Game Date – April 29th

Time to dust off your old Napoleon at War troops!



Yep, going to be running a meet-n-greet-n-game event. So come out and meet some other Napoleonic gamers.

See ya soon!


Where the heck have I been?

Well gamers, it has been awhile. While I was on a long painting spree (and that is not ended – just changed projects) Millennium Con 20 went off well in Round Rock, TX with a good turnout for the DBA-RRR project. I just got the last of my 30 Years War minis done in time for the convention.

Since then … well I went a bit to the dark side.


Yep! Some sci-fi gaming. But not WH40k. Grimdark Future! from One Page Rules group. Easy to learn – hard to master. Rules are only 1 page front and back. All army lists are just 1 page front and back. And FREE!!!!!!

Also you don’t spend an hour waiting for your turn to do something. Everything is you activate a unit, other player activates a unit.

So … does that mean Alan has left the historical gaming? No on your life. In fact, it’s growing.

Beside getting my Grimdark Human Defense Force (think Imperial Guard) up and running, I’ve returned to another old love – Napoleonics.

My previous experiences with Napoleonics was at army/corps level using Empire II, Empire III and Napoleon’s Battles. But I’m finding some new options with Napoleon at War which plays at division level.

This has whetted my taste for the Russian hordes to again descend to push back Napoleon from the Motherland in 15mm. So those are now entering the painting queue. There will be a game day at The Game Closet Feb 25th using these rules. Hope you can make it out.

Have you given up on ECW then?

NOPE! The lads are all raring to go soon for another interesting scenario (information is still being discussed by the war councils for King Charles and Parliament).

More on that later.

Just sayin’ HE’s Back!


VWQ coming to Knight Watch in San Antonio

Yes, at the nice invitation of TableTop Generals, I will be hosting a Victory Without Quarter participation game at Knight Watch game store in San Antonio, Tx on Sunday, Dec, 11th. Rules will be taught (they are available free online, see my LINK on where to get them), and all figures, dice, terrain, etc will be provided.

I will be doing a different scenario than the Battle of Beacon Hill I have run so often recently. Perhaps the Royalist can actually make a saving throw!

More information will become available as soon as I have more exacting times from the Knight Watch/TableTop Generals folk. Stay tuned!

Alan Spencer

MilleniumCon 19 – A great time!

Had a great time at MCon 19. Super bunch of guys and gals all having fun together. Was an honor to meet and game with you all.
Big round of applause for Charles, Martin, Ian, and Mark (of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group) for all the work they did on a great run con! Kudos and o7.
Huge shout out to the guys at Warlord Games for their support/encouragement in running my Victory Without Quarter (VWQ) games. Jon, loved the kilt!
Thanks to all the gamers who came and tried out Victory Without Quarter! Hope you had as much fun as I did. And for the Royalist – there seems to be something wrong with their troop’s morale this weekend – better luck next time.
Another shout out to TableTop Generals and a BOLO for their upcoming game day in San Antonio. I will be running a VWQ game for this event. Watch for their info on that soon.
Last, but not least, the guy going to gather in more of my lucrative (if quickly diminishing) convention mad money – Jeff Hunt of Portsmouth Miniatures. Great time playing Bloody Broadsides. Beware, lads, the Dutch are coming over the horizon!
Sorry for by abrupt departure this morning due to overnight illnessĀ  But made it home ok .
Until next time game mates – PLAY MORE GAMES! o7