VWQ coming to Knight Watch in San Antonio

Yes, at the nice invitation of TableTop Generals, I will be hosting a Victory Without Quarter participation game at Knight Watch game store in San Antonio, Tx on Sunday, Dec, 11th. Rules will be taught (they are available free online, see my LINK on where to get them), and all figures, dice, terrain, etc will be provided.

I will be doing a different scenario than the Battle of Beacon Hill I have run so often recently. Perhaps the Royalist can actually make a saving throw!

More information will become available as soon as I have more exacting times from the Knight Watch/TableTop Generals folk. Stay tuned!

Alan Spencer


MilleniumCon 19 – A great time!

Had a great time at MCon 19. Super bunch of guys and gals all having fun together. Was an honor to meet and game with you all.
Big round of applause for Charles, Martin, Ian, and Mark (of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures group) for all the work they did on a great run con! Kudos and o7.
Huge shout out to the guys at Warlord Games for their support/encouragement in running my Victory Without Quarter (VWQ) games. Jon, loved the kilt!
Thanks to all the gamers who came and tried out Victory Without Quarter! Hope you had as much fun as I did. And for the Royalist – there seems to be something wrong with their troop’s morale this weekend – better luck next time.
Another shout out to TableTop Generals and a BOLO for their upcoming game day in San Antonio. I will be running a VWQ game for this event. Watch for their info on that soon.
Last, but not least, the guy going to gather in more of my lucrative (if quickly diminishing) convention mad money – Jeff Hunt of Portsmouth Miniatures. Great time playing Bloody Broadsides. Beware, lads, the Dutch are coming over the horizon!
Sorry for by abrupt departure this morning due to overnight illness  But made it home ok .
Until next time game mates – PLAY MORE GAMES! o7

Update: Victory Without Quarter at The Game Closet.

If you are looking for info on the game, etc, on August 20 at The Game Closet you are in the right place.

So, the rules, addenda, etc  can be found here,   which has links to the pages.  The rules are only 13 pages long (including the diagrams on how things work).

We hope that commanders will be on time at 11am, so we can briefly go over the rules. You are MORE than welcome to print off the rules and Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) from the link above. The rules are free from the author (Clarence Harrison) and available in multiple places on the internet.

What will be happening at the game is there will be maximum of 3 players a side: 1 CinC, and 2 brigade commanders. There will be 2 game masters (myself and Steve Miller) who will provide the terrain, figures, dice, etc. and will either play or provide assistance/game refereeing as needed. Some forces for both sides start on the board, and both sides will be getting reinforcements as the battle proceeds.

Scenario: It is April 23, 1643. The Royalist forces in Cornwall are a bit scattered. The Parliamentarian army commander, the Earl of Stamford, is laid up with gout but wants to push forward before the Royalist forces can finish gathering. He turns over the reins of the army to the “notorious firebrand”, Sgt-Maj. General James Chudleigh (son of Sir George Chudleigh) who pushes quickly into Cornwall.

For the Royalists, the speed of the advanced has caught Sir Ralph Hopton surprised while in prayers at church. He orders the forces local with him to proceed to Beacon Hill, while sending couriers off to gather the rest of the Cornwall Royalist forces to join them there as soon as possible. If Hopton can hold until the Royalist forces gather in strength, he may be able to cut off the Parliamentarians retreat and force them to surrender. This would be a major strategic victory for the Royalists.

Victory Conditions:
Parliamentarian players will be trying to force the Royalists off Beacon Hill and move 1 foot unit down the road to Launceston, preventing the muster of Cornwall for the King (Decisive Victory). If they can clear Beacon Hill, they achieve a Major Victory. If they hold the road edge to Poulson’s Bridge at the end of the game, they achieve a minor victory.

Royalist players can achieve a Decisive Victory, if they can hold at Beacon Hill and by holding the road exit Poulson’s Bridge. If they push Parliamentarians back to their starting positions and hold Beacon Hill (no Parliamentarians on it) it is a Major Victory. If they only hold Beacon Hill (majority of forces on the hill) at game’s end,  or only hold the exit to Poulson’s Bridge, it is a minor victory.

Game Length: 25 turns.

Your comments on the game would be greatly appreciated as we will be doing this scenario at Millennium Con 19.  See you there!