The previous weekend I was introduced to a newer version of DBA-RRR via a QRS. I have to say it improves the game a lot, with updated movement (called Movement Units which is basically base widths) and faster movement. This really works well for 25/28mm.

You can find the updated QRS here: DBA-RRR Rules and Army Lists

BTW I did not write these. These were found on the web.


Games Dates!!!!!

Greetings all,
Well, there are 2 gaming dates for upcoming games in the Texas area I will be running/supporting.

The first is at the Historical Game Day at Multiverse Games Feb 17 in San Antonio, TX.  I will be running DBA-RRR with 28mm armies (Dutch/French vs Low-Country Spanish/Bavarian Catholic League). Starting at noon, all figures, terrain, QRS provided. Just come by and play.

The second date is the Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) hosted game day at The Game Closet, Feb 25th. For this one, we will be running Napoleon at War (v1.0) with 15mm figures. If you have armies already based for this, come join us. If not, or don’t know the rules, come on by and run a brigade. We will be starting at Noon.

In addition, LSHM has arranged for a monthly LSHM sponsored game day on the last Sunday of every month at The Game Closet. Look for posts on the LSHM Facebook page for the monthly “main game”. But you can bring others to play. There is LOADS of room.
Advert for the second event is noted below (and is also posted in the store).


30YW Project!

I know I have not written a new blog post in awhile. But that is because I’ve been busy working with my cohort-in-crime Steve Miller on a new Thirty Years War (30YW) project for DBA-RRR in 25/28mm.

The goal is to provide 8 fully painted 30YW matched armies for a demo then 3 round fun tournament at Millienium Con 20.

For those who don’t know, DBA-RRR is an add-on set of rules combining DBA and DBR that was written by Tony Aquilar in coordination with the Florida DBA Gamers.  You WILL need a copy of DBA (2.1) for this. However the additional rules and revised for DBA-RRR army lists are provided out on the web. For ease of your search, I will include them on my 30YW page.

For more information on the rules, etc., follow this link: Alan’s 30YW .

Bavarian Catholic League forms up for battle.

Other Miniatures – Bloody Broadsides

I started another page for the miniatures I game with beyond ECW. First up is Bloody Broadsides – a Napoleonic naval game by Portsmouth Miniatures.

Posted are some pictures of my newly finished Dutch fleet for this game. Also have some pirates (for a scenario I am working on) currently in the dockyard being worked on.

Link to my Bloody Broadsides fleet.