ECW Miniature Links

Since I’m also in the hunt for the elusive English Civil War (ECW) miniature makers in different scales, I’d thought I put together a list of the links I know of to help you in your search.

As this is an amateur website, please note that this list is NOT exhaustive. I will update it as time, and information acquisition, permits. Just trying to help out fellow gamers (and myself, as I forget where things are at). If you know of any other links, please send me a note and I will gladly post them.

ALWAYS TRY TO ORDER FROM YOUR LOCAL GAME SHOP FIRST! Keep your local hobby store in business. May cost you a few cents more now, but you will have a venue for gaming and finding new friends/opponents to play with.

(in order of what I have, not rated or preference order)

Warlord Games (also creators of “Pike and Shotte” and “Black Powder” rules.) Most of my current 28mm armies are from these fine folk.

Old Glory 25 (these match very well with my Warlord Game 28mms)

Renegade Miniatures : True 28mms

Perry Miniatures: Very nice figures.

Empress Miniatures: Not an extensive range, but VERY nice figures.

Dixon Miniatures: Long standing supporter of the range.

Irregular Miniatures : For those hard to find things, table top eye candy, etc. They do have ECW miniatures under their renaissance sections.

Minifigs: One of the oldest miniature manufacturers in the hobby.

Essex Miniatures: Long time supporter as well.

Bicorne Miniatures: (Also has rules for “The Kingdom is Ours”). Tks to Vince for the info

(The mother lode of options)

Irregular Miniatures: Long time maker – some new items re-sculpted in the last few years.

Peter Pig: Great range and rules (Regiment of Foote) to go with them.

Minifigs: Another long time supporter.

Old Glory 15s: Lots of figures in the bag! Get some!

Essex Miniatures: Another great supporter of the range.

Museum Miniatures: High quality castings.

Khurasan Miniatures: One of the few with Irish Confederate armies of the era.



Irregular Miniatures: A long time supporter of the range.

Heroics and Ros ECW: Another long time supporter of 6mm.

Baccus: Highly respected miniatures for the era.

Turbil Miniatures: New to the block.