6mm ECW Basing for Various Rules

Updated Oct 19 (updated numbers on bases).  Below are 3 regiments mounted to the standards I describe below:

Infantry on 40mm x 20mm bases

I got a nice load of 6mm Baccus ECW miniatures for a great bargain. But then the dilemma of what rules to use for them set in.

There are 3 different rules I like to play: Polemos, Victory Without Quarter (VWQ), and BB-DBR-RRR (Big Battle DBA version of DBR). Mounting 6mm figures to use in all the different rules sets took some time to debate over the various pros and cons of various basing systems.

I like the “formation” of the Polemos rules, the “feel” of the VWQ rules, and the ease of the BB-DBA-RRR rules for “tournament/bring-what-you-got” play.

After a few evenings of staging troops on different basing systems, I finally came to a consensus standard I felt would allow for playing with all 3 rules sets with minimal changes to the original rules. Since I have no other gamers in the local area who play 6mm, I am incorporating the following “guidelines” for my 6mm ECW armies. My hope in putting these in the public domain is it may encourage others who might like same ideas.

Figures Per Base
Shotte: 12 figs to a base in a “W” formation
Pike: 12 figures to a base, 4 wide, 3 deep.
Highlanders/Clubmen: 12 figures to a base, scattered as desired.
Dismounted Dragoons: 8-12 foot figures, 1 horse per base,  figures in a “W” formation.
Mnt Dragoons/Border Horse: 5  figures per base, scattered on the base.
Gallopers/Lancers: 6 figures to a base in a “V” formation
Trotters: 8 figures to a base in 4-6 wide, 2 deep
Light Artillery: 1-2 guns with 3 figures per gun.
Field Siege Artillery: 1-2 guns with 4 figures per gun.

Base Sizes (frontage x depth)
All Foot: 40mm x 20mm
All Mounted (except officers): 40mm x 30mm
Arty: 40mm x 40mm
Limbers: 40mm x 40mm (as needed for depth).
Officers: 20mm x 20mm (round or square as player desired)

Rules Variations:


1. Instead of a regiment being all on one base, the regiment is on multiple bases and all bases move together as one unit.
2. Units going into “March Column” do so based on the pike stand in front for those with pikes, or on the “command stand” of other units.
3. Movement and firing is still done at Base Depth/Base Width range per original rules (60mm/20mm).
4. Regiment Sizes:
– Pike/Shot regiments =3 stands (1 Pike, 2 Shot). For use as SH, Mixed,or PH.
– Command Shot  = 2-3  stands.
– Dragoons = 2-3 stands (mounted or not)
– Dutch/Swedish horse = 3 stands
– Artillery = 1 stand.
5. Size of the gaming table/battlefield should be increased by at least 15% (due to expansion of size of regiments). So if typically 4ft x 4ft – suggest perhaps 6ft x 4ft.


1. Movement/firing ranges are based in centimeters instead of inches.


1. Multiply units in the DBA-RRR list by 3 (except those that are 0-1 options).
2. Stands are as noted above for number of figures/base sizes. This allows for more “diaorama” on the base.
3. Foot skirmishers (SK) not used from the lists.


Well let me know your thoughts. This is sort of my upcoming winter project to start painting/mounting these so will add photos as they come along.

Baccus 6mm ECW Royalist muster continues to grow