Bloody Broadsides – Dutch Fleet

I had a blast at Millennium Con 19. Besides running VWQ a few times, I got to see some great other games. One I joined in on was Bloody Broadsides by Portsmouth Miniatures.

For those who remember the old Avalon Hill Wooden Ships and Iron Men game, you will pick this game up VERY quickly. The time period of the rules is the Napoleonic era. Rules are fairly simple with some interesting mechanics concerning combat. Namely – there is no rolling for movement or “normal” damage. You only roll dice for morale checks, fouling/unfouling ships, and “critical” hits.

Anyway – I enjoyed my game so much, I bought a small fleet (3 small double deckers, 2 large double deckers) to make a Dutch fleet. Below are the results.

My Flagship – the 80 gun Amrial de Ruyter
Dutch fleet ready to set sail
Two Class 3 small double-deckers.
In order (L to R), Amrial Zoutman (80 guns), Jean de Witt (64 guns), and flagship Amiral de Ruyter (80 guns).

The blue mat with the hexagons are the map board for this game. Again – lovely ships and fairly easy to put together. If you are interested in this game, I have some “learned” techniques for putting the ships together that will help you. Let me know!