The Painting Train is rollin’ …

Wow – even for me I’ve been a busy boy. 4 regiments painted in 9 days. Whew! Will post pictures soon. Painting and basing (when the bases get here – come on Litko!) will be per VWQ rules.

Northcott’s Commanded Shot (Ex Lord Brooks’ Regt)
Sir John Bamfield Regt of Foote(North East Devon Trained Bande)
Sir Henry Rosewell Regt of Foote (East Devon Trained Bande)
Col John Merrick’s Regt. of Foote

In progress:
Col John Wear’s Regt. of Foote
Sgt-Maj General James Chudleigh’s Troop of horse
Capt Thomas drake’s Troop of horse
Capt Alexander Pym’s Troop of horse
Capt John Yeo’s Troop of horse.

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ECW Flag Links here

So you want to play English Civil War in miniature. Cool. But where to go to find information on the flags (aka colors) of units?

Well I’m here to help, my friend. I’ve put together my ECW Flag page here to help you in your search. While this page is by no means the final word, or exhaustive, it will help you find some information on those strange and nefarious units that are not just the Lifeguard or Ironsides.

If you have any other link suggestions, please let me know.



Updates to the site

First up, there are additions I’ve gleaned from the Victory Without Quarter forums on dragoons and those pesky rear/flank attacks. The updates are on my web page here in this link .

Also, I’ve started posting pictures of my Parliamentarian army in progress of being painted. You’re welcome to ask questions about the techniques I use etc if you want, but I’m not a professional painter. I’m a wargaming painter! There is a difference.

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Painting to a Goal

Currently I’m painting armies for Victory Without Quarter (like that’s a surprise!). The goal being able to field both sides in an engagement so I can run games at local shops or events. For the VWQ rules set, they encourage you build toward actual army/battalia’s organization, which I intend to do.

There will eventually be up to 5 armies in this collection (Early Parliamentarian, Royalist, Scot Covenanter, Montrose Irish, and Irish Confederate.) But one of the things that stymied my projects in the past was doing the army I like the most first. Then, though loss of interest, never finishing the others.

So this time, I’m going to do the armies I like least first. In this case, Early Parliamentarian. For those wondering, I will be building this one based on Sgt-Maj General James Chudleigh’s army at Beacon Hill.

Well – pictures will be provided on the status of this army later. But suffice to say at this point, most of this army is now primed and on a painting stick (I use roofing nails as a painting stick – try it! It works great).


A Call for Victory Without Quarter! (VWQ)

Well, the main reason for the creation of this website was to promote use of the rules set Victory Without Quarter (VWC). Written by Clarence Harrison, the rules are a card-based turn system with a distinctive feel for combat in the English Civil Wars (aka Eleven Years War, and/or the War of Three Kingdoms).

VWQ gives you a feel for the opportunities to excel (i.e., experience the issues) at commanding the amateur armies of this time period. While very easy to learn (only 13 pages for all the rules and examples), there are loads of interesting challenges for the would-be Cromwell/Prince Ruperts out there.

VWQ is NOT a competitive/tournament style game. Nor is it a game setup to recreate the larger-scale battles of the wars (Edgehill, Naseby, Marston Moor). The game is designed to recreate the smaller engagements and scenarios that were really the heart of the English Civil Wars with a maximum number of approximately 2,000 – 3,000 men per side in the engagement.

Neither the base size nor the number of figures on a stand matter! Though the rules give some suggested base fittings , as long as everyone is using the same base size it works just fine. Double-basing Field of Glory (FoG) infantry fits right in with the suggested scale in 28mm, and I intend to use FoG cavalry basing (so the 60mm x 40mm).

The links for the rules, rules forum, and Quick Reference Sheet are posted on the Victory Without Quarter page on this site. In addition, I will include on that page some of the addenda for other troops not mentioned in the rules (highlanders, clubmen).

CRITICAL AND CRUCIAL! Not every situation is covered by the rules. The author notes this in the rules and the forums. So, if you are a rules lawyer, this is NOT the game for you!

If you want a game where your troops/commanders might get away from you, or your lowly raw recruits might just save the battle for you, then you will enjoy Victory Without Quarter.